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If you have a question that has not been answered on this list, then please don't hesitate in contacting me! Otherwise, I hope that these answers help.

Where did you purchase this domain, and who is your hosting provider?
Both of my domains were purchased by, and hosted under Dreamhost, and I really could not recommend them enough. They're quite inexpensive, the customer support is superb, and there is little to no downtime in my experience. I've been hosted with them for nearly five years.

What do you use to create your layouts?
I use Adobe CS4 Design Premium, but more specifically Photoshop in particular. All of my coding is hand done by Notepad, and images are either found on the internet (and therefore credited), scanned by myself, or photographs from my own personal collection.

Can you make me a layout?
Unfortunately, I don't have the time amongst homework and my own websites. If you browse around on Google, you will surely find tutorials and/or websites who will help you with just that.

What is a "collective?"
A collective (or a network as most people call them today) is essentially just that - a network of sites banded together either by common interests, or created by the same person. In the case of myself, that would be the latter.

How did you learn HTML?
Years and years ago, I mainly used Lissa Explains, and I would definitely recommend her if you're a beginner. Otherwise, W3Schools is also a good reference to check out.