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When I look at you, I see forgiveness

Hi! :) I'm Whitney, and I have been dabbling in web design for about ten years, now. Originally, I started off on creating websites using Geocities and WYSIWYG editors before eventually self-teaching myself HTML and CSS to further enhance my design skills. At one point, I maintained two domains (one of which being my Harry Potter mega site, the other being a personal collective such as the site you now see here), and had numerous websites including shrines and webrings of varying subjects.

As spoken about here, I fell out of the hobby for quite a while and it has only been rather recently that I've gotten back into it. I'm currently attending DeVry University, studying Multimedia Design and Development with a focus of web design, and so as you can imagine, that has resparked the flame of the hobby I once used to enjoy immensely.

I'm Canadian, though I live in Colorado, and you'll usually find me fooling around on the computer, playing video games, writing, drawing, singing, dancing... and I could continue on forever, so I should probably end it here before I begin to ramble. It's nice to meet you!