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You love me for who I am - fanlisting Goldena fanlisting

My baby, and only real active site at the current moment. A fanlisting dedicated to Kikumaru Eiji and Oishi Syuichirou, the Golden Pair, from Konomi Takeshi's Tennis no Oujisama.
yellow blooded - sanada genichirou shrine Yellow Bloodeda shrine
/sanada - currently a work in progress

What is up first on my to-do list! A shrine dedicated to Sanada Genichirou, the vice-captain of Rikkaidai - also from Tennis no Oujisama. I have hopes to get this up by the time his birthday rolls around on May 21st, so please look forward to it!
kiss from a rose - alistair shrine Kiss from a Rosea shrine

Created for Amassment's One Month, One Page marathon comes a dedication to the sarcastic, loveable Alistair from BioWare's Dragon Age: Origins!

Livejournal - Goldenink